Generally there are only two types of consultancies available to clients

  1. Individual consultants: Many of these offer a wide range of services, however they are not necessarily specialists in all the areas in which they offer advice. The benefit is that these consultants are often inexpensive, however the risk is that the client receives a report that is not based on expert knowledge or the client receives a host of individual reports from different consultants for one project, each one done in a vacuum (i.e. independent of the others findings).
  2. Large consulting firms: They often employ individuals who sometimes have not worked in the industry, and therefore do not have hands-on experience, however they generally provide the client with a single, cohesive report. A large disadvantage can be that they are often expensive due to the large employee base and overheads that they require.

LandMax is the answer to these problems

  • We offer access to expert knowledge, all individuals have verified post-graduate degrees
  • We have considerable experience in the industry and are registered with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professionals (SACNASP).
  • Large projects are managed and coordinated by a project manager resulting in an holistic, timeously delivered report.
  • Costs are relatively low as LandMax utilizes a network approach which means that charges are only levied directly for the work done on a project and therefore we do not have to keep a large standing employee base, with all the associated extra costs and overheads.
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